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Various Kinds of Lawyers And The Services They Provide

For most people, lawyers represent only what they have seen and read in mass media: a person pleading a case in front of an audience, but a lawyer does so much more than just that since they are responsible for settling legal disputes, providing legal advice as well as preparing certain documents.

It is also important to note that there are different types of lawyers and understanding this can go a long way in ensuring you hire the right one for your specific need. Just like doctors who branch out into their various fields of specialisation, lawyers also go through the same process subjecting themselves to rigorous training processes for their specific field of practice. It is important for you to understand the different types of lawyers so that you can be more efficient in your decision-making process as far as legal representation is concerned.

Here is a quick guide on the different kinds of lawyers you can find in the Melbourne CBD area such as Unite Legal and Australia at large.

General practice is usually the first stop for many people looking to hire a lawyer for the very first time. General practice lawyers, like the case is with a general practitioner in medicine is knowledgeable about a wide array of issues. They are the best option when it comes to drafting documents or general legal advice. However, more complex cases may be referred to another lawyer who has specific qualifications. The best thing about general practice lawyers is that they have a wide network of lawyers who can provide you with the legal assistance you may need.

Family lawyers are legal professionals who solely focus on domestic concerns. This may include drawing up prenuptial agreements and separation papers. They are also tasked with handling all child custody as well as inheritance disputes. In some criminal cases such as domestic and child abuse, they may be tasked with representing plaintiffs in court.

Criminal lawyers specialise in defending clients who have been accused of crimes such as murder, burglary, weapons possession among others. This is perhaps the most complicated kind of legal practice as it can easily be a life-or-death situation. For this reason, criminal lawyers are highly trained and often highly compensated.

While the best outcome for a criminal case would be dismissal, at times these lawyers' best and only move is presenting plea bargains to negotiate for lighter sentences or bail.

Estate lawyers are the people you entrust to manage your assets, setting up wills and trust funds and provide you with sound advice on how to manage your finances during your lifetime as well as how they will be handled upon your death. Estate lawyers can also serve as executors of your will if you would like, and this can come in handy especially if people come forward to dispute your will.

 Last but not least are corporate lawyers who interpret legal jargon for companies and businesses. They also handle merger and acquisition agreements notaries as well as memorandums among others. Another major service they provide to businesses is representing them in case they get sued or when the company is suing someone else. They can be provided by the firm or alternatively, a firm can put a legal team on retainer to be called on when needed.