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Education In Tourism

Tourism is a sector that greatly impacts a country’s economy. It is also one of the few industries that manages to create almost as much employment as it does income all the while maintaining a near-zero carbon footprint.

If you are interested in having a future in the tourism sector, there are endless opportunities to choose from when it comes to getting your academic qualification especially if you are looking for undergraduate programs.

When it comes to diploma programs, some of the most common short courses in tourism include but are not limited to travel and tourism, hotel, restaurant and tourism management and finally ticket reservation and booking.

Given the opportunities available in the hospitality industry, one is guaranteed at least a foot in the door in one of the different positions available since with tourism, comes hotels, restaurants, car rental services, tour companies, sports and souvenir shops among others. It might not be what you envisioned for your life but like I said, a diploma will get your foot in the door and that is all you need to get started. Airlines have also been known to hire diploma holders and give more training on the job.

If you are interested in getting a more in-depth understanding of the tourism sector, then you can enrol for a bachelor of tourism course at an institute such as Macleay who offer flexible study options. Depending on the institution you will study in and your interest, you could get a tourism course coupled with another major. The two most common unit to be coupled with tourism are advertising and marketing. With such a degree, you could easily settle in a public service position. The simplest explanation for this is, in many cases, a country is run just as a business would with the country being the fir, and the people who run it, the government, taking the place of the board of directors. For this reason, the tourism industry in any country is much like the advertising wing of any firm out there as the people responsible are tasked with growing the industry and bringing in the profits. This may sound ridiculous, but in essence that is what a course in tourism and advertising is all about.

Other popular courses in the bachelor program include hospitality and tourism management, business and tourism among others. You may choose to pair your qualification by undertaking advertising courses to really help boost your career opportunities and get ahead of the competition, if you are thinking of doing this and are from Melbourne then you should follow this link.

Like advertising and marketing, tourism is an educational course that sometimes requires students to study it while majoring in other disciplines to ensure that the graduate is well versed in the market. This way you will not only make a student more valuable in the employment market but also give the said student a fighting chance should he/she choose to progress in different firm of the same sector.

Tourism is a vibrant sector and if this is your specific area of interest, then one thing is for sure, you cannot go wrong. The best thing about the sector is that with the many career opportunities, you are guaranteed a paying job once you graduate. It does not have to be in your native country either. You could also challenge yourself to a career in a foreign country if you are the adventurous type.

Having said all the above, you can now comfortably enrol for a diploma or bachelor course in tourism and like I mentioned before, find out what it is like to work in a sector that benefits both you and the country as well.